Valentine’s Day Recipes

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The season of love is upon us! While we may not be able to celebrate Valentine’s Days in the traditional way that we are used to, we can still celebrate the sweetness of recipes in the comforts of our own homes.

So for this Valentine’s Day, we have gathered up delectable concoctions of scrumptiousness without the worries of extra sugar and icky additives!

Feast on these Purium-powered treats with benefits.

Love Potion for Deeper Sleep

Love yourself or someone special in your life with this tart and delicous Love Potion featuring Purium’s Apothe-Cherry and Aloe Vera. Our organic super fruit product contains tart cherries, which boasts a high ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value plus a wide variety of antioxidants phyto chemicals, like melatonin! Melatonin helps regulate deeper sleep.

Aloe vera support immunity and even hydration!

Try this recipe by the Million Mom Movement.



  • Mix Cherry and Aloe into beverage (optional: add Ionic Elements) and stir.
  • Drink and Enjoy!

Power Popcorn for Antioxidants + Energy

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You don’t need to be a culinary artisan to create Valentine’s goodies. Try out this easy-peasy “Power Popcorn” recipe created by Connie Leavitt from the Purium Community. This recipe features Bio Fruit and/or Can’t Beet This!

Bio Fruit contains a medley of antioxidant fruits to support healthy aging and a health heart (perfect for Valentine’s Day!) Can’t Beet This! contains beets and organic cordyceps for energy support. Choose the one that sounds most appetizing to you.



  • Cook your popcorn in your desired way (whether you use the oven, stove top or microwave)
  • Sprinkle desired amount of Bio Fruit or Can’t Beet This! on your popcorn.
  • Enjoy!

LOV-Powered Popcorn

Popcorn On Clear Glass Bowl

If popcorn is one of your favorite snacks, you’re in luck! We have another easy recipe featuring our Super Meal LOV – Vanilla Chai flavor. Super Meal LOV contains organic greens, adaptogens and more to support satiety, energy and wellness.



  • Cook your popcorn in your desired way (whether you use the oven, stove top or microwave)
  • Sprinkle desired amount of Super Meal LOV on your popcorn.
  • Enjoy!

Red Velvet Latte

Shallow Focus Photography of Cafe Late

Inspired by Ora Organic 

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like red velvet pastries and drinks. But there’s a problem with red velvet…. most of the time, it’s made with red color dye. 🤢 You don’t need the icky additive to enjoy a red-hued choclate drink! Sip on our sweet red velvet latte!

Featuring Can’t Beet This! and MVP Sport (Chocolate), this drink contains ingredients like beets and multiple sources of protein (pea, pumpkin and brown rice) to support sustained energy and fullness.


  • Half serving – full serving of Can’t Beet This! (to taste)
  • Half serving – full serving of MVP Sport (to taste)
  • 1 cup of  vegan milk (almond, coconut or hemp)
  • Around 4 tbsp of hot water (use more water if you would like to “water down” the taste)


  • Mix hot water with Can’t Beet This! and MVP Sport (Chocolate). If it makes a paste, that is okay!
  • Heat your desired vegan milk.
  • Mix the heated milk with your Can’t Beet This! and MVP Sport mix.
  • Stir it up! (Careful with hot liquids!)
  • Mix in extra milk or powder for desired taste if neccesary.
  • Enjoy!

Can’t Beet the Power of LOV

can't beet the power of LOV recipe

Celebrate Valentine’s with a recipe to nourish and energize! Can’t Beet the Power of LOV features 3 of our best-sellers:

To learn more about what makes this recipe so great, read our Can’t Beet the Power of LOV blog.

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