The Transformation Journey: To Have a Successful Trip, You Must Pack Properly

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You would never go on vacation and not plan to bring an overnight bag, a suitcase or, if a long trip, several pieces of luggage. The Transformation is a journey – and a vacation from what you have been eating…

On this journey you are going to be far away from your comfort zone – or more aptly put, you are going to be in a foreign land and it’s very important that you learn a little bit about the culture before you arrive.

If you prepare for the journey properly and “pack all of the essentials,” by the time we return 10 days later you will be very satisfied!

Since there are now thousands, if not tens of thousands of people doing the Transformation all around the world, we are getting stories from a few people whose Transformation did not go the way they expected. After discussions about their experience, we found there were 3 common factors that were present each time an unsuccessful transformation was reported thus far.

In order to help create a more positive experience for every potential Transformer we must repeat and emphasize the following points…

Rehydration, Detoxification, Transformation…it is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. The number 1 hidden danger that may cause the most well-intentioned Transformer to fail is dehydration.

Re-hydration prior to a Transformation will assist the body in detoxification and create a more effective fat flush leading to more dramatic weight loss and a more pleasant experience. We recommend consuming half of your body weight in ounces in order to accomplish a pre-Transformation re-hydration (for example: 160 lbs would be switched to 80 ounces which equals approximately 2.4 liters). This is why we added the Super Lytes to our Transformation and advise that you drink plenty of water ON the Transformation as well as before. Water will help you to flush out the toxins faster. Properly hydrated you are going urinate 9 times a day…if you are overly hydrated, you will urinate more than that.

  1. The number 1 misconception of aspiring Transformers is the last day binge.

This is a symptom of food addiction and food insecurity which manifests itself in the “better have one last big meal because I start my Transformation tomorrow” attitude. This attitude is unfortunate as it will set you up for failure. If you begin a detoxification process while your body is trying to eliminate or process that last big meal, you will most likely experience gastrointestinal distress and bloating, even throwing up…so we highly recommend that you have your last big meal, if you must, 3 days prior and then for 2 days prior try to consume green veggies, brown rice, fresh fruit, soup, broth and other easy to digest and healthy options that will ease you into the Transformation process gently and effectively.

  1. The number 1 mistake is a lack of commitment or a failure to follow the plan and incorporate flex foods when needed.

I was asked what would I say to someone that wanted to be convinced to do the Transformation and I answered I would tell them that they need to convince themselves…because until they make the decision that they are going to do it for themselves, by themselves there is not a lot that I can do.

I can tell them that we are going to break their addiction to food but they may not want to break their addiction to food.

I can tell them that they could lose up to 25 lbs but they may feel that they look just fine.

I may tell them that they may avoid some future disaster related to obesity like diabetes or gout but they still may not feel motivated.

They must be motivated for their own love for life and desire to get more out of it…but once you make that decision we promise you that the name “Transformation” will mean a lot more to you once you have completed it!

The good news is that in exchange for your efforts toward preparing to succeed, you will have accomplished something amazing and have had an experience that will change your life. Remember life is a journey, a journey that could be long and full adventure and pleasant memories.

Purium’s 10 Day Transformation is the first step into another dimension and if you do not prepare, you cannot get there. And THERE is where you need to be.

My Top 10 Ways to Have Your Best Transformation Cleanse

Safety first, then…

1 Make the decision – and tell the world
Tell your loved ones so they can support you, tell your friends on social media. This will keep you more accountable.

2 Choose a date to start that makes sense
Don’t choose an overly stressful time or start during your menstrual cycle, if possible.

3 Do not panic and do a “last meal” binge 
This will only make your detox harder for you. It’s not worth it!

Get your stuff from Purium –
Go for the Transformation version with the Apple Berry Power Shake (for those with a sweet tooth) or original Power Shake (for those who want to keep it simple) or L.O.V. Super Meal (only if allergic to gluten, otherwise, the Power Shake is most ideal).

5 Think before
Think 2 days prep – avoid dairy, animal products, and processed foods. Rehydrate with lots of water. Read Support Guide in full.

6 Think after.
Think next 30 days; Purium is a lifestyle, not a short term diet! Commit to any necessary lifestyle changes.

7 Get your flex foods
Best to have them a day or two in advance as opposed to having to run to the store in the middle of your Cleanse. Stick to the provided list of flex foods whenever possible for best results…although there are some substitutions that may be acceptable, see Support Guide for more info.

8 Prepare to travel
We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan. But, preparation is one of the most important steps in this life-changing Transformation. We have said it before, but can never stress enough how important it is to read the Support Guide in full. Pay close attention to all of the suggestions in the Preparation segment of the document.

9 Keep the schedule
The schedule is crucial, adjust the start times to work with your schedule but follow the intervals carefully. It is helpful to set alarms on your phone to remind you to take the next step.

10 Know it may not be easy, but you can do it!
Get support! Join the weekday Support Calls (Monday – Friday at 5:30 PM Pacific), join the conversation on Facebook, etc. Seek guidance from the staff Naturopath if any concerns arise. We are here for you!

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