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Reset Your Metabolism

Transform your metabolism and enhance adiponectin production (aka your “Skinny
Gene”) with raw, organic greens, protein, fiber, fruits, and other superfoods. These
products are a clean, safe and effective way to transform your habits as well as
your body.


Flush Your Body From Toxins

No matter how healthy your lifestyle, you cannot avoid glyphosate and GMOs,
heavy metals, parasites, and allergens – they are everywhere and can keep our
bodies from functioning at their best.

  • Supports energy levels, digestion, deep sleep and mood
  • Vegan protein, greens, healthy fats, organic super fruits, and gut health
  • Recommended pack for ongoing nutrition and Smart Order


Naturally, Support Immune Function

Now is the time to shield yourself and your family from our current, global health crisis. Air pollution, water contamination, herbicides, and processed foods act against your body’s natural ability to fight against harmful threats. Let our Immune Function Pack and superfoods products in this collection support and sustain your immune function.


Vegan-fueled Fitness

Vegan protein for muscle repair and fat burn. Beets for energy and recovery. Coconut water for hydration. And that’s not all. From greens to astaxanthin, Purium’s pure, raw, organic superfoods are here to help you up-level your nutrition and fitness.

Gut health

Protect Your Gut & Your Family's

Keep your family clean from GMOs with Biome Medic. Our exclusive, all-natural, and proprietary formula, helps flush harmful toxins, support “good” bacteria and repair your microbiome. Inspired by the notion that we are what we eat, our all-in- one Epi-Genius products include Biome Medic; making it easy for kids and dogs to get whole nutrition – deliciously.

Family health

Detoxify, Nourish & Protect Small Bellies

Kids and dogs often come into contact with toxins and GMOs – from playing
outside in the grass to eating processed foods. Purium’s Epi-Genius
products include our exclusive Biome Medic formula that helps detoxify, nourish
and protect little guts.


What are your health goals?

Get your daily base of vegan protein, vegetables, fruits, and gut health with Daily Core 4. Want to accelerate your nutritional habits and create a permanent lasting change in your health? Opt for the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. Don’t worry, there are tons more, too! We offer special bundles with products geared to help fine-tune your specific needs. Stay committed to your long-term health goals by adding your favorite bundle to Smart Order.


Everyday Nutrition, Everyday Savings

Purium is passionate about making organic, raw nutrition available and affordable for everyone from monthly specials to ongoing promos.
We even created a 3 & Then Free Smart Order promo to help you create healthy habits that stick! Want to learn how to get FREE products?

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