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Tal K

Happy Client

For Tal Kapoor, the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation was not just a way for her to lose weight, it was a way for her to turn her life around.

After Tal completed her first Lifestyle Transformation, she shed 16 pounds. Post-Transformation, her new plant-based lifestyle allowed her to see change in blood pressure, cholesterol and even her pre-diabetes. She enjoyed the experience so much that she continues to consistently incorporate Purium’s  Daily Core 4 into her diet.

After 20 months with a new healthy lifestyle, Tal lost a combined total of 61 pounds! Since then, she has become what she calls a “happy, healthy, & vegan CrossFit junkie.” Today, she’s still kicking butt and taking names while living her daily Purium lifestyle.


Happy Client

“Just finished my first official ULT! 31 days of nourishing my body and cutting out the garbage and it has made a huge difference. I am down 16 pounds and multiple inches. Not to mention the boost in energy levels, positive attitude, and healthy digestion. This cleanse is like none other I’ve done. I truly feel that my body is happy! 

I am 2 months postpartum and having the extra energy and positive mental outlook this cleanse has gifted me with has made such a huge difference in my daily life!”

Cindy V

Happy Client

8 years ago, Cindy fell ill with an auto-immune disease and became hospitalized. After receiving her diagnosis, she relentlessly researched the ways in which she could better her life. Eventually, she found her answer: proper nutrition.

After years of trial and error with other superfood companies, Cindy finally found Purium in 2018. She was a little skeptical at first, but we’re glad she committed to trying a Purium Transformation.

While the first days were hard for her, she was amazed at how good she felt on Day 6. From there, she ordered her first Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and began her new life with Purium. Since then, Cindy has completed multiple Transformations, while adding Daily Core 4 to her lifestyle.

Not only are her symptoms in remission, but she has lost a total of 100 pounds in her journey. We’re happy to have her as a bright, shining light in our community

Bruna A

Happy Client

“I was skeptical starting this transformation as I’ve never been one to take any kind of protein/supplements/anything of that kind. Now I know this is not like anything else out there and there are hundreds of reasons why. This company’s mission is to end human suffering and thousands of people, myself included, have stopped suffering.”


Tirzah F

Happy Client

Tirzah Flores started her journey in 2020 and within 30 Days she was already happy with her results. So, she decided to order another Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation! In fact, by Day 40, she was already down one dress size:

“I am excited to share I lost 17 pounds and lots of inches all around. I am sleeping much better, have a lot less pain in joints, rarely any digestive issues, less headaches. I’m loving my new way of eating and products to support me along the way to my goal. I’ve decided to do another 30 days.”

Bruna A

Happy Client

Bruna set out on a 100-day journey to change her habits & her lifestyle. She dedicated her first 30 days to healthy living with the Purium Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. Within 30 days, she dropped 7 pounds and felt ready to continue her healthy living journey. 


Karl S

Happy Client

Like most others that are new to Purium, Karl started his healthy living journey with an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation. In addition to losing weight, his new lifestyle allowed him control his blood sugar naturally.

After loving his Purium experience, Karl decided to incorporate the Daily Core 4 into his daily life. Even after his Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, he continued to lose weight. Today, he continues to enjoy better sleep and more energy in his day-to-day life, and helps others make healthier choices in their own lives.

Scott H

Happy Client

Scott started his journey in 2020 hoping to kick-start his healthy living journey. He was so happy with results that he decided to try the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation AGAIN! In his first journey with the kit, he was able to lost 12 pounds as well feel a happy difference within himself. Check out his before and after photos! 


Happy Client

Cheri took charge of her health with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, losing weight & gaining a new life along the way. But there’s more…Cheri won 1 FULL year of Daily Core 4 in our first ULT Contest. Plus, she shared a FREE Lifestyle Transformation with a friend. 



Happy Client

“MY SKIN IS SINGING- the whites of my eyes are brighter & my cravings are gone!!! 

I’ve always struggled with intense, cystic acne. The type of acne with which there’s really nothing that can be done, other than wait patiently for the pain and redness to subside. “

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