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After a year spent indoors, feelings of wanderlust may be swirling around our minds, giving us the urge to get out and experience different sights!  

Whether you’re jet setting to an exotic destination or road tripping with your family to your favorite getaway spot, make your next trip easy-peasy by packing and traveling with our Purium products! Keeping you and your family fueled while on the go no longer needs to be a hassle. Skip stocking up on junk food at the next exit’s convenient store or overpaying for pricey airport snacks. 

Purium’s travel-friendly powders, capsules and tablets help keep you satisfied and energized as you feed your hunger for exploration. Read our tips below to stay on track with your health journey while not straying from your trip itinerary. 

Packing Prep 

To enjoy your time away, proper prep is a must. We have the solution to a no-stress packing routine to keep you organized while embarking on your journey! 

Meet your new travel buddy, our ProStack Flex Food Container. Forget stuffing bulky containers and pill bottles into your suitcase! Divided into 3 various sized compartments, each twist n’ lock jar offers ample room for holding flex foods, multiple servings of your favorite shake, and your daily dose of Biome Medic, Super Amino 23’s and more! All you need to keep your health in check is one handy container small enough to store in a backpack or carry-on. 

With Purium powders measured out in your ProStack, don’t forget to pack a Purium Blender Bottle for quick and easy consumption. Once on the open road or past airport security fill the bottle up with water, pour in your superfoods and shake it up to fuel your travels. Staying hydrated is extremely important in this summer heat and will keep your immune system strong as well as help prevent jet-lag, so don’t forget to add Coco Hydrate to your packing checklist.

Be Mindful of Airport Security  

Yes, you can still bring along your precious superfood powders to your jet-set, but there’s a few things you should keep in mind before arriving at the airport. According to TSA, you CAN bring protein powder in carry-on bags, but if containers are greater than 12 oz you must remove them from your bag at security for additional screening. Just like you do with a laptop, place your protein powder in a separate tray when going through the x-ray scanner. 

TSA encourages you to place non-essential powders greater than 12 oz. in checked bags.

As for bringing along Purium tablets and capsules, you can bring these products in unlimited amounts (both on your carry-on and checked bags) as long as it is screened. For further information click here. 

Purium Powered On- the-Go Snacks 

To deter you from grabbing salty potato chips or processed foods  at your road trip rest stop, these Purium-Powered snacks will satisfy your tastebuds and tummy wherever your summer adventures bring you. 

These simple munchie recipes are fast and simple to whip up! Snack-prep these recipes before heading out the door to free yourself of any worries you may go hungry while jet-setting or road tripping. From Energy Bites to Spirulina Pop

corn, each snack is complete with Purium superfoods to give your body the nourishment it needs to thrive all vacation long.  

Find all the recipes HERE. 

Switch out Happy Hour with Juice Bar in a Bag 

With a reusable durable canvas bag, our Juice Bar in a Bag is made for an on-the-go lifestyle. It’s convenient portability 

allows you to bring along your favorite Purium powders on your travels. When arriving at your destination, cheers over this raw rainbow collection of over 50 organic vegetables, fruits and herbs. You can skip the happy hour bar because this personal on-the-go juice bar has 6 different products that create over 50 drink flavors!

Bag includes:

  • Coco-Hydrate
  • Can’t Beet This!
  • Bio Fruit
  • Carrot Juice
  • Green Spectrum (lemon)
  • Aloe Digest
  • Blender Bottle 

Ran out of or forgot to Pack your Purium Superfoods on your trip? 

If you’re already hours from home and realize you left your favorite superfoods behind, find a whole food source alternative while heading to your destination. 

Missing your must-have Super Aminos? Try to continue getting your protein intake from rich plant-based sources such as chickpeas, quinoa, and protein-rich vegetables (broccoli, leafy greens, mushrooms). Nuts (Peanuts/almonds) & seeds (hemp/chia) also make for a nutritious road trip or plane munchie. 

If you forgot your Power Shake at home. Try to feed your body with alkalizing greens like kale, spinach or Spirulina. You can also use these greens as a base for a green smoothie or juice to mimic the Power Shake! 

For more traveling tips to help you keep your health in check read our blog! 

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