4 Reasons to Cleanse that Don’t Include Weight Loss

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When you hear the word “cleanse,” most likely, you’ll think of it as a way to lose weight. But losing weight is actually only one factor. In fact, some cleanses may not include losing weight at all.

There are all kinds of methodologies, like juicing or the one where you only eat potatoes. As you can see, some could be a  little crazy (and lacking in lean protein). But if you find the right one, you might be surprised about what you find at the end.

To us, there are plenty of reason to try a clean besides weight loss. Here’s a list of our favorites.

Immune & Gut Support

Immune function is important, yet it’s one thing that many of us put at the bottom of our priority lists. But it should be much higher. Because this cool system helps us out, especially when it kicks in during flu season. In fact, it helps fight sickness daily. And guess what? Cleansing may be able lend a supporting hand.

Harvard Health Publishing reports eating a diet high in fruits and veggies can help strengthen the immune system. Luckily, that’s what makes up most cleanses (certainly, ours). Plus, the process can help rid the body of toxins, metals and waste in your body that could be slowing down your systems.

In the same way, we can look at how a good ol’ body cleaning can help support gut health. It’s out with the bad, in with the good — helping clear out the bad bugs in your stomach that may be making you feel more sick. Prudence Hall, M.D. ( a former gynecologist and surgeon) echoed this idea in an interview with. Well + Good. Hall spoke about how a “gut reboot” could be beneficial, especially in weeding out foods that can cause gut issues (like gluten and dairy).

A cleanse can help create a more sustainable environment for your microbiome with good bugs to protect your gut. But these “showers from the inside” may also do more than just “clean,” too.

More Energy

We know what you’re thinking… going periods of eating less and drinking more fruit and veggie blends is supposed to…. give us more energy? That can’t possibly be true, right? Not necessarily. Hear us out, because this one could be a bit tricky.

Sometimes people may feel lethargic during a cleanse, especially if their eating habits weren’t the best before. You know — lots of fast foods, processed treats, sodas, etc. Your body has a lot of work to do to rid the body of that waste. It may be accustomed to receiving all those chemicals on a daily basis. So when you’re deprived of those, you might feel a little down.

But after a cleanse is over, your body can sometimes gain more energy, not just physically but mentally too. You might even to sleep better at night. This is something that has been reported to us after someone completes a 10-Day Transformation.  Why would this be? Well, it almost (well, actually literally) is like your body is taking a weight off its shoulders.

For some, this energy can help motivate them to challenge their fitness goals.

Strength & Fitness

Being a weekend warrior is great, but if you want to take your fitness to the next level, a cleanse can help get you serious. Exercise is great every day, but when your diet isn’t complementary, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. Cleanses can help prepare you for workouts or even help sustain progress you made.

Although, you should be very mindful about this approach. In an interview with FurtherMore (Equinox gym’s advice blog), a dietitian notes how exercising can be a bit hard during this period. That’s mostly due to your body using energy to rid the body of toxins. There’s also a more obviously rationale: you won’t be consuming as many calories , proteins and carbs. So it’s important to adjust accordingly if you plan on working out.

Our 10-Day, 40-Day and Core 4 Athlete plans integrate plant-based protein to help complement green nutrients you’re consuming, but also allow you to get your exercise on.

Creating Healthier Habits

This is probably one of our favorite reasons to cleanse. By cleansing, you are changing the way you look at food. You begin to see it more as fuel for your body. If you’ve been eating badly, it’s a chance for you nourish yourself with whole foods.

This is one of the main reasons we created our Transformations. With intermittent fasting and whole food blends, we nudge you to break bad habits, like fast food eating and high sugar and caffeine intake.

Interested in Transformations?

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